I have been very impressed with Grazia’s knowledge and her effective delivery of PD in the workshops I have attended: on using Moodle, interactive whiteboards, and podcasting for language teaching and learning; and on wikis in teaching and research.  Grazia has also given her time to demonstrate ANU’s new language laboratory facilities at the ANU and always responds quickly to my requests for further information.   The collegiality shown by Grazia and her readiness to share her expertise with colleagues in other institutions is greatly appreciated.  I would support any award to recognise her contribution to mentoring and supporting her teaching colleagues both in ANU and further afield.

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Grazia always insures an updated development of curricula and resources that reflect a command of the field of study within the teaching environment. She consistently makes the teaching relevant to the students’ modern life by using different softwares such as Audacity, Quicktime Player, Learning Federation, Wiki-space, Hot potato, online quiz etc, all kinds of different programs or softwares to make teaching interesting and stimulating.

Grazia has strong approaches to assessment and feedback that foster independent learning. Her assessment for students involves all aspects of teaching experience and learning activities including written assignments and presentations by using multi-media. She also gives students prompt feedback after any assessment. 

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The possibility of using social networks that the students are particularly familiar with on a daily basis made them feel in contact with a reality that was less virtual and stiff than any other form of simulated communication inside the classroom. Even those who were the least familiar with computer technology, or who were inhibited in talking and experimenting with the practice of oral or written language, were curious, at first, engaged then, and very active, as a result.

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I attended her session in the recent 2011 Moodleposium in Canberra where she talked about widgets, conducting evaluations of websites with students and creating a site for the Italian embassy in her spare time. After talking with her I came away with one of the best ideas I took from the conferences: the use of Nanogong, a voice recording system that can be integrated in  Moodle to facilitate spoken feedback on assessment
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This year I have engaged Grazia Scotellaro to assist me in my role as the Marketing and Recruitment Officer. She has done this by holding hands-on sessions for both potential students and their teachers. These teachers and students have been from both within the ACT and NSW. 
The projects that Grazia has assisted me on serve to promote the College of Asia & the Pacific to future students. With her expertise in the integration of digital technologies for the teaching of languages, Grazia has assisted by showcasing the ways that language acquisition can be accelerated through the use of dedicated language tools. Her sessions have allowed participants to experience some of the unique ways that language learning takes place at the ANU. 
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