I have been a “change maker” throughout my professional career, from the early days as a language teacher where I used the most advanced methods of second language learning and was often asked to run professional development courses for other teachers, to the present where my expertise in the Areas of technology and language learning is widely recognised, well outside my immediate circle of work.

I cannot recommend Grazia highly enough. She has been a great, great help to me in resolving issues arising in that nexus between teaching and technology. Grazia has a very hands on approach, and teaches by example. While on the one hand providing practical easily understood advice, her extensive knowledge of language teaching and technology pedagogy allows her to ground that advice within appropriate academic discourse.  Grazia is a real people person and an excellent communicator, always willing to drop in for a few minutes or to send a quick email to help resolve those sudden moments of panic when an online quiz fails or a movie file fails to open. She is both flexible and passionate about her work, and her passion which cannot help but rub off on her listeners. (Dr Carol Hayes, Japan Centre, School of Culture, History and Language, CAP, ANU) 

I can list numerous examples of where my expertise and experience has been called upon by academics and institutions from both inside and outside my employer institutions.

For example, just a few weeks ago I was contacted by Professor Anne Campbell, who is currently teaching in China, and was asked to meet with a Chinese Professor interested in Technology in Language Teaching who was visiting Australia. I was subsequently contacted by Professor Hui with the following email

I organised a visit at ANU for Professor Hui. My goal during his visit was not to simply give him the usual “tourist guided tour” but to provide him with an insight of what happens in a language class at the ANU, from a student point of view, sharing with him some of the technologies and ideas that I have contributed to other academics at our institution.

Here is the response I received from Professor Anne Campbell after the visit.

Another example is my recent collaboration with Associate Professor Leah Moore on alternative assessment methods using wikispaces and podcasts for Science Education. The results of this project will be presented in a seminar at CEDAM on the 18th November.

And finally, the highly successful project with the Italian Embassy launching the Tuttoitaliano webpage for Italian students, teachers, parents and the wider community.

In 2010 I won the Vice Chancellor’s Award in Innovation and Excellence as part of the DOI team for my work in supporting CAP and CASS in the transition from WebCt to Wattle. This award, together with the examples highlighted above and the testimonials included in this portfolio, demonstrate the level of recognition of my expertise, experience and philosophy of sharing that has always been my trademark.

“Hi Professor Grazia,

I am glad to say "Hello" to you. I am Zhaoyang, Hui from China and study in UC as visiting fellow. Anne Campbell, my supervisor, gives me your email. I am interested in e-learning teaching and assessment. As you know, Universities in China use technology (English teaching platform) to teach College English. But there is no good e-learning effectiveness assessment. I want to design a comprehensive assessment model of English learning by using fuzzy mathematics, which can combine quantitative indexes with qualitative ones. I know this methodology is used in computer learning assessment, haven't seen it used in language learning assessment as far as I know.  Anne Campbell says that you are the best expert she knows in Australia in using technology to teach and assess. So I hope that you could give me some advice on my research.

Look forward to your reply.
Kind regards, Zhaoyang
“The Embassy of Italy would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of Grazia Scotellaro in creating and constructing the “Tutto Italiano.org” website during the course of 2011....The Embassy recognises that this level of commitment is due to Grazia’s expertise in technology and language teaching and her long-standing contribution and passion to the teaching of Italian language and culture in Australia. “
“Dear Grazia,

Greetings from Rongcheng. I’ve just had an email from Professor Hui, who was so delighted by your warm welcome at ANU that he obviously couldn’t wait to get back to his PC to let me know how much he benefited from his visit.

He said he was amazed by the innovative way you helped the staff at ANU  integrate technology in their foreign language teaching and told me he wished Harbin University of Science and Technology could afford to employ someone like you to help his foreign language teachers do the same. From what I’ve seen of the software here it’s mainly listen-and repeat, or listen and answer the comprehension questions in the textbook, which is a far cry from what you’re doing at ANU, so no wonder he was so impressed.

I spoke to him on QQ this afternoon and he still sounds overwhelmed by all the online FL resources and software that you showed him and/or told him about. He said that compared to UC , ANU is worlds ahead in using technology for online  learning and he intends to spend as much time there as possible.

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with him. He’s a very influential person within HUST and has strong connections with the Ministry of Education here, so who knows, maybe you’ve  had a profound impact on the teaching of foreign languages in China!”
Development of curricula, resources and services that reflect a command of the field
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