2005 - Master in Education - University of Canberra 
2001 - Graduate Diploma TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning) – Canberra University 
1999 - Workplace Training Category II Certificate (Radio Broadcasting)
1995 - University of Canberra Graduate Diploma of Education: LOTE 
1994 - Australian National University - Bachelor of Arts Majors: Italian and Medieval History. Units completed in other areas such as introduction to the study of language Seminar on language learning, Second language acquisition, Cross cultural communication, Beginning German 1 and 2. 

Employment History 

2009 to present various contracts with ANU:

CEDAM – CAP – Educational Designer – Promote and support the integration of technology in teaching and learning.  Research new and emerging technologies and provide advise and leadership in the their adoption in academia. Organise, promote and run seminars and workshops in Technology and Education.

ANU – DOI – Wattle (Moodle) support for CASS and CAP. Casual position with particular interest in the area of Academic support in language teaching and integration of Wattle (Moodle) – CEDAM /CAP– Technologist

2000 to 2009  Full Time Contracts with the University of Canberra :

Lecturer B Information technology and Education, ELPC and  LOTE University of Canberra 
Duties: Convening, conducting tutorials, practical classes (KLA specific), demonstrations (from Webquests to specific KLA related applications), workshops, lectures, marking of assessment, devising and producing additional teaching material, IT “buddy” for school of Education and Community Studies, – responsibility for over 500 students per year. Moodle mentor.

Lecturer A Information technology and Education, TILT (Technology In Language Teaching) and LOTE  University of Canberra
Duties: Convening, conducting tutorials, practical classes (KLA specific), demonstrations (from Webquests to specific KLA related applications), workshops, lectures, marking of assessment – responsibility for over 250 students per year

Tutor Information technology and Education University of Canberra
Duties: conducting tutorials, practical classes (KLA specific), demonstrations , workshops, marking of assessment, upkeep of WebCt teaching spaces. Teaching load of 120 students.

1991 to 2000 various full time and part time positions in teaching and Coordinating for the Italian Embassy 

Italian teacher - St. Anthony primary (part -time) 
Duties: teach Italian to children from Kinder to year 6 (350 children)

Italian Teacher at Narrabundah College (part-time) 
 Duties: Teaching at beginner, continuing, advanced level plus preparing students taking the International Baccalaureate Exam. In this course there is no textbook, lessons are prepared by the teacher using original sources (newspaper articles, internet, Italian television programs,  Italian literature,  etc.)

Coordinator C.I.A.C. (Italian Language School) Canberra (part time position)
Duties: Co-ordination of teachers employed by C.I.A.C. and assistance to all  Italian Teachers of the ACT  (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) organising meetings, inservices, information for scholarships,  resources. Preparation of  budgets,  reports to the Italian Ministry of Foreign  Affairs. Liase with  ACT  Department of Education, Catholic Education Office, Ethnic School Association and  Italian Embassy.  Setting up of new Resource Centre.  Administrate funds received by Italian Government. Provide information for  students on courses, scholarships and resources.

Co-ordinator and teacher C.I.A.C.  “Vacanze in Italiano”  full immersion  Italian holiday program.. Duties: organise, supervise and teach using  the full immersion approach in the two holiday program sessions (two weeks in  winter and two weeks in summer) children between the ages of 5 and 12 .

Other short part - time teaching positions from 1993 to 1997

Teacher - CIT (part-time) Duties: Teaching Italian to  detective Australian Federal Police employed for overseas duties in Italy.

Italian Tutor Australian National University - beginners (part-time)

Italian Teacher - C.I.T.  (TAFE) Woden Campus - Canberra (part- time)

Italian teacher - Intensive Language Maintenance Course for the Regione Campania. Duties: Design  a course for language maintenance which had both  linguistic and cultural relevance for students with an Italian background. Teach   a group of students between the ages of 16 and 21 a using the full  immersion approach.

Part time/ casual  consultancy work 

Educational Consultant / Overseas Business Coordinator - Mondomedia Educational Software (part-time)
Duties : research and test Educational Software, prepare/translate product description, conduct product demonstrations and inservices for teachers, provide before and after sales assistance to customers, establish and maintain contact with  overseas suppliers (Europe and America), create and maintain company home page.

Projects and Publications 

Contatto – Italian Cultural Magazine (1993 – 1997)  editor of the Educational Page 

1998 Published in conjunction with the CIT the booklet “Italy - some dos and don’ts for the traveling professional 

Mondomedia Educational (1996 – 2002) Teaching with technology and training materials manuals: 

•1996 – Using language CD Roms: how to choose the best software and use it in the classroom. 
•1997 – How to choose, use and enjoy your multimedia resources 
•1999 – Free language learning resources: where to look! 
•2001 – Producing your own multimedia resources with free applications– dynamic documents. 
•2002 – Voice recognition technology and language learning. 

Grazia Scotellaro - Radio Broadcasting: a Macro-task for ESL and foreign language students (2002) 

Ania Lian, Debbie Dolan, Grazia Scotellaro and Andrew Lian Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Concepts, Contexts and Practice Narizoma: Critical pedagogy in practice (2004)
Grazia Scotellaro, School of Education and Community Studies “Online help for computer phobes” 2005

Grazia Scotellaro – The use of technology to teach Italian (2006) Professional Development series for Italian Bilingual School Coasit Sydney

Grazia Scotellaro L’Italiano Viaggiando Project – ANU Italian Program (2007 – 2009) Online learning resources for Italian students at ANU. 

Italian For Opera Singers project – In conjunction with Grazia Micciche’ and School of Music. 2010

Anne Campbell & Grazia Scotellaro - Learning with technology for pre-service early childhood teachers (2009) Australasian Journal of Early Childhood - Vol. 34 No. 2 Webopage and Virtual Resource Centre for the Italian Embassy in Canberra